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6 kg Continuous Pressure Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher



ABC dry chemical powders are multi-purpose extinguishing powders. It is effective in ABC (gas-liquid-solid) type fires. The chemical structure of ABC powders is based on MONO AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE. Its essence is to cut off the communication of combustion with oxygen. It is also effective in Class A (Solid Matter), Class B (Liquid), Class C (Gas) fires and electrical fires. It easily extinguishes embers and superficial flaming fires. It is especially used to extinguish substances such as petrochemicals (gasoline, diesel oil, paint and various flammable gases) containing flammable and combustible gases. The fire extinguishing effect is in the form of suffocating the fire, radiation insulation and breaking the combustion reaction by chemical chaining.

  • ABC 40% or 90% MAP (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) based dry chemical powder
  • Valve assembly with high pressure safety valve
  • Body painted with phosphated and electrostatic powder paint at 200 °C before painting against corrosion


  • Compatible for use in electrical environments up to 1000 V
  • TS 862-7 EN 3 – 7 + A1 Certified CE approved.


Model Extinguisher Type Capacity (Kg.) Extinguishing Agent Thrust Type Test Pressure(kg/cm²) Working Pressure(kg/cm²) Operating temperature Spray Distance (m) Rating Values
KT6S Continuous Pressure 6 Kg. ABC TOZ N2 30 BAR 18 BAR -30 C / +60 C 4- 5 (max) 21A 113B C