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10 KG Steel Drawing with Carbon Dioxide



-Steel Drawn, welded seamless, manufactured in accordance with international standards.

– 300 bar hydrostatic pressure and tightness test has been appropriately passed.

-Painted using an electrostatic oven.

-The surfaces are cleaned and primed with ball bombardment and protected against corrosion.

-Refill cost is low; widely available.

-Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are equipped with a safety membrane valve operating at 185 – 215 bar.

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, non-electrical, heavier-than-air gas.

– Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers, Transformers, electricity distribution rooms, generator rooms, laboratories, paint shops, etc. It is preferred and suitable for use in sections where all kinds of flammable-combustible materials are present.

-C02 stored in high-pressure tubes is liquid inside the tube. However, as it exits the tube, it turns into a gas.

-Carbon dioxide does not leave pollution and toxic waste to the environment, and it allows to extinguish the fire without damaging the equipment and the environment in which it is used.

Technicial Specifications:

-Capacity: 10 Kg
-Body Material: Steel
-Diameter (Ø). 13.8cm
-Height (~): 69 cm
-Test Pressure (min): 250 Bar
-Working Pressure (min) 150 Bar
-Total Weight (~): 16.5 Kg
-Spraying Distance: 4 meters
-Spraying Time (min):26 sec.
-Effective Fire Class: B, C

Fire Classes Used:

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are used for B and C class fires and electrical appliance fires.

* B-class fires are fires of flammable materials in liquid form. (Petroleum, Oil, Alcohol, Gasoline, Thinner, Machine oils, Diesel, Fuel oil, Varnish, Oil paint etc.) are fires.

* Class C fires are fires in gas form (Hydrogen, LPG, Natural Gas, Acetylene, Propane, Butane, Hydrogen, Ammonia, etc.).