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5 kg. Steel Draw Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher



It is used in class B fires. Fire extinguishers with CO2, which is not a toxic gas, only suffocates when it reaches a higher density than necessary in the environment, is one of the most preferred fire extinguishers in electrical fires due to its insulating properties. Not leaving any waste / residue after use, these fire extinguishers can be used in kitchen, laboratory, etc. It is a big factor in choosing places such as Not effective on Class A fires.

In addition, “ANTI-MAGNETIC” devices with aluminum body and valve assembly have been developed to be used in areas such as hospitals, laboratories and data processing centers with sensitive devices affected by magnetic environment.

  • With steel pull body
  • Compliant with TS 862-7 EN 3-7 +A1 standard TSE certified CE Approved
  • It is painted using electrostatic oven paint. It is protected against corrosion.
  • It has the ability to extinguish class B (Oil, Oil, Alcohol, etc.) fires.
  • Equipped with easy-to-use, safe accessories.
Model Extinguisher Type Capacity
Extinguishing Agent Thrust Type Test Pressure(kg/cm²) Working Pressure(kg/cm²) Operating Temperature Spray Distance (m) Rating Values
KC5 High Pressure 5 kg. CO2 Gas CO2 310 BAR 150 BAR -30 C / +60 C 0.9 – 2.4 (max) 55B