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9 liters Continuous Pressure Foam Fire Extinguisher



Foam fire extinguishers are suitable for environments with A (solid) and B (liquid) class fire risks. The foams cover the surface of the burning material, cut the bond with oxygen and reduce the combustion temperature and have a cooling effect. It can be easily cleaned without damaging the environment in which it is used.

Foam extinguishing systems, which have a very wide usage area, in general; It is preferred in warehouses, stations where fuel is loaded or unloaded, facilities where chemicals are produced or stored, areas where flammable and combustible liquids are stored, filling areas for flammable and combustible liquids, piers, marinas and similar areas. Due to its instant response and quick take control; It affects the combustible surface in a short time and prevents possible large fires.

  • EN 1568 certified AFFF type fire fighting foam
  • Valve assembly with high pressure safety valve
  • Body painted with phosphated and electrostatic powder paint at 200 °C before painting against corrosion
  • Inside the body is coated with 1500 microns against corrosion and resistant to 10 kV electrical resistance,
  • High Extinguishing Performance
  • TS 862-7 EN 3 – 7 + A1 Certified CE approved.



Model Extinguisher Type Capacity (Kg.) Extinguishing Agent Thrust Type Test Pressure(kg/cm²) Working Pressure(kg/cm²) Operating temperature Spray Distance (m) Rating Values
KF9S Continuous Pressure 9 Lt. AFFF Foam Concentratei N2 30 BAR 18 BAR 0 C / +60 C 4 – 5 (max) 27A 183B